Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner – Call Committee Updates

Seasons of leadership transition can be challenging. They can also be an opportunity to recognize weaknesses and seek to improve. While it is always difficult to say farewell to important and loved leaders in the faith, it is also a season to lean into God and remember it is God who provides through these leaders and He will continue to provide as we seek Him.

The Call (Search) Committee for our next Discipleship team member is excited to announce that we have two candidates who will be visiting campus in the near future. These candidates have different expertise and different backgrounds and we are excited to meet them and their families.

Jessica Dvorak will be visiting this weekend! This visit was planned quite quickly but we are confident that it will be a blessing to Jessica and her family to visit before Easter rather than wait until after Easter. Jessica married Chris in 2012 and next year their son Noah will be in kindergarten. Jessica completed her DCE certification in 2016 while taking time off as a teacher to raise Noah.

Jessica formerly taught English in high school but has been serving in ministry in Cedar Rapids, Iowa since 2014. She began as a volunteer and has grown in her role and experience ever since. Jessica has served all ages but specializes in jr. high through college-age ministries. With Noah entering school next year, she is excited to continue her growth and is open to God’s direction. Her husband is a high school English teacher.

Emilie Glaw will also be visiting Cross. She and her family are scheduled to visit after Easter on Wednesday, April 12. Emilie serves a congregation in Geneseo, IL and oversees all discipleship ministries as well as music. She is dual certified as a DCE (Director of Christian Education) and DPM (Director of Parish Music) so, as you can imagine, she will be quite busy from now until after we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord!

Emilie married Jim in 2008 and they have a first grade son, Jonathan. Emilie’s favorite work is with children and their families. She loves coordinating and organizing ministry like Vacation Bible School. She believes parents are key in the spiritual formation of their children and loves to help parents grow in their confidence and ability to live as God’s people at home and in the world. Emilie is looking to serve in a setting where she is able to spend more time dedicated to Children and Family ministry.

Please continue to pray for these candidates and our entire call committee. Please pray for our volunteers who continue to sustain and support the ministries in this time of transition. We look forward to visiting with our candidates and their families and seeking God’s direction together.

“Your word (O LORD) is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

His servant and yours,
Pastor Erik Gauss

Scripture Readings for Sunday, March 26, 2023
Genesis 2:5-9, John 11:17-27


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